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Day 18 - Humi Hum - 40 Days Chanting for Healing and Transformation

We are we, We are the Divine

Om Shanti,

For today's chanting I have chosen one of my favourite mantra: Humi Hum Brahm Hum which deeply resonate with me and I feel it can encourage us all to stay firmly in our truth. What I mean by the truth is that inner knowing that our choices, decisions and communications are authentic, and are not to be compromised to please others, but to reassure others that we follow what we truly feel is right for us. That inner knowing is a gift for our times, especially when the outside authority of church, science, media or politicians is not in alignment with our values. This mantra is said to remove fear to allow for authentic communication and to encourage creative expression.


Humi Hum Brahm Hum


We are we, We are the Divine

I would like to contemplate and further share with you the beautiful wisdom of the Gene Keys, which I have introduced on Day 6. In these teachings created, as their author Richard Rudd says, for the time of the Great Change, we can find some amazing insights into human psyche, a collective conditioning of the shadow frequency of fear and the transformation path towards our inner power, first on the individual level, followed by the collective awakening. The Shadow frequency stored in our DNA, expressed as a repression or a reaction to fear, denial, shame, rejection, guilt or separation is to be transformed into the Gift of our true potential. This gift is often expressed by being creative, finding new avenues, new solutions, following the dreams and making them happen. This gift frequency always leads towards realization of being one with the Divine source or creation reaching far beyond our mind or imagination, called in the Gene Keys terminology as the Divine Gift - the Siddhi frequency. The sanscrit term Siddhi in this context means: "the frequency band relating to full embodiment and spiritual realization". There is 64 Gene Keys (based on 64 Hexagram of the I-ching), and each of them shows a different manifestation of shadows, gifts and Siddhis. In our individual blueprint called Hologenetic Profile, we are stronger influenced by a few of them, yet we can see all of the 64 of them playing their part in the world. On the highest frequency level the boundaries between the Siddhi states of awareness are less and less tangible as eventually their all merge together in One, telling us: We are we, We are the Divine.

I trust that chanting today's mantra will set up free more contemplation about our gifts in this world and their true potential. One of the most important Gene Key for the time of the Great Change is 55th Gene Keys which teaches about the secret of the transformation of the Shadow of victimization into the gift of Freedom - which comes first on the emotional level end grows into the sense of empowering Freedom as the Divine Power of the Siddhi.

A Reminder:

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Enjoy today's chanting!

Here is a link to the original artist who created this beautiful version of the mantra - Siri Sadhana Kaur

Om Shanti,


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