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Hearts open when all co-create the soundscape together -singing and drumming, chanting and dancing.

Drum & Chant
Thrive concerts

DRUM & CHANT and 'Thrive' concerts are shared at festivals, gatherings and celebrations where people get together to experience unity, healing and joy!

Magdalena shares her original acoustic music and heartfelt stories, with audience participation woven into her sessions.

'Thrive' Interactive Concerts and workshops were born in 2018 after publication of the 'Thrive' song. DRUM & CHANT workshops evolved from "Thrive" events a few years later.

Magdalena's events include an original blend of her spiritual music woven into the spirit of the group or community. Nothing touches us more deeply, individually or collectively, then being fully engaged in a joyous and positive activity. Her events have been created based on this principle. By adding more rhythm and so called "drum tracks" many people feel more engaged and empowered.

During a workshop (or a concert) everyone is invited to join with their own voices and rhythms. Magdalena skillfully teaches her original chants and songs to the audience, gradually introducing more and more instruments and freedom of expression as she performs her music. She creates a thriving environment, leading to everyone joining in the music making, full of exuberant joy and healing.

When weather permits, Magdalena often organises her events outside in nature, in the woods or on the beach, connecting us closer to the elements and Mother Nature.



let go and unwind with a gentle song or a powerful 'yoga nidra' relaxation with soulful music

Let go and unwind with a gentle song or a sound healing relaxation with soulful music

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Connect with your dreams and surrender to a deep sound bath or a relaxation practice of Yoga Nidra. The healing sound of the hammered dulcimer, gentle meditation chimes, shamanic drum  and Magdalena’s beautiful voice may create a pathway to your subconscious mind, helping you to release tensions, bring balance and allow you to be who you want to be. Both practices are enriched with the wisdom of the Gene Keys and Magdalena’s original music and chants.

Magdalena creates many exquisite chants and original songs to heal your spirit, body & soul. Music is a healer, no wonder we hear the term 'music medicine'. Magdalena's spiritual, medicine music has a quality to open your heart and help you to soar high above the limitations of the mind.


'Thrive' events, DRUM & CHANT, sound healing or Yoga Nidra sessions with soulful music are ideal for conscious living events – suitable as a home concert, retreat activity or intimate workshop in a yoga centre – gatherings and festivals, including  a stage performance. With Magdalena's adaptability there are many options to choose from!

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