Hearts open when all co-create the soundscape together - with singing and drumming, chanting and dancing.

'Thrive' Interactive Concerts

'Thrive' concerts are shared at festivals, gatherings and celebrations where people get together to experience unity, healing and joy!

Magdalena shares her original acoustic music and heartfelt stories, with the audience participation woven into it.

'Thrive' Interactive Concerts and workshops are the unique original blend of Magdalena’s spiritual music woven into the community spirit. Nothing touches us more deeply individually or collectively then being fully engaged in a joyous & positive activity. 'Thrive' concerts have been created on the foundation of this principle.


During the concert (or a workshop) everyone is fully engaged, invited to join with their voices and rhythms. Magdalena performs her music and skilfully teaches her original chants and songs to the audience, gradually introducing more instruments and more freedom of expression. She creates a thriving environment, leading all to the community music making, full of exuberant joy and healing.


'Thrive' is ideal for conscious living events, gatherings and festivals both as an intimate workshop or a stage performance. It is suitable as a home concert, a retreat activity or a workshop in a yoga centre. With Magdalena's adaptability there is many options to choose from!

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Feel the joy of expressing yourself! The story of 'Thrive' Interactive Concerts.

Magdalena Atkinson | Interactive Concerts | Music Workshops | Music Albums

'Thrive' Interactive Concerts have been inspired by the community spirit of joy, drawn from my work as an artist & workshops facilitator.


In June 2017, I wrote a song Thrive, immediately knowing that it was an important song. After recording it, I scheduled a beach party in West Bay, Dorset, to create a music video. I wanted to engage people in it, being a part of something bigger, and my instinct was just right! I had an amazingly beautiful response from my friends – free spirited dancers and drummers.


This experience of community spirit, expressed through music, drumming, dancing and singing, was deeply connected with my daily work as a music therapy and drumming facilitator and a Shakti Dance teacher. After a while, it made a perfect sense to create interactive concerts where I could share my original music on the most deep, joyful and engaging level, leaving my audience happy, energised and deeply satisfied!