We are beings of light who are walking on this Earth,
come with me, let's dance together!

Shakti Dance

Do you love to feel energised yet calm and cantered? Do you love to feel free yet connected? Do you love to be inspired yet creative?

Let your body discover how good it feels to be fully awaken, filled with this creative energy!

Shakti Dance is an invitation to look inside yourself and see how to become more creative - in your movements and thoughts - to be in tune with the desires of your soul. Let your body discover how good it feels to be fully awaken, filled with this creative energy!

Shakti Dance is a practice inspired by the wisdom of yoga, combining the awareness of your body, mind and spirit. It uses yoga postures (asanas), different dance styles and free movement. On an energetic level, Shakti Dance helps to develop your intuition, to release blocks in your energy system and to experience mystical states. 

My Shakti Dance workshops are enriched by my music, singing and playing different instruments (guitar, dulcimer, drums). I also combine them with shamanism, astrology, I-Ching and personal development, taking you on a very special and personal spiritual journey.

My Shakti Dance journey - an energising, healing and balancing experience.

Since being a child, I have enjoyed singing and free dancing, the spontaneity and being in the moment have given me a sense of freedom and joy.


Over the last 20 years, I have been studying a wide variety of spiritual and healing practices (yoga, meditation, mindfulness, shamanism) and dance techniques (including dance therapy, Balinese dance, Afro-Brazil dance). When I first experienced Shakti dance workshop in 2012, I knew that this is a practice which I want to share with others and in 2014, I completed Shakti Dance training with a founder-creator Sara Avtar Olivier.


During my workshops, I encourage participants to go deeply into the body, to find the movements and sounds of the soul. It has also inspired me to create my own music which I share during the workshops, reaching further into the practice, using sound and intuition, so creating an energising, healing and balancing experience for the dancer.



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