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Welcome to the world of uplifting soulful music, joyful expression & deep breathing.

About Magdalena

Thrive my friends, do thrive and be the light which can show the way!

Magdalena Atkinson – a soulful singer, songwriter, dreamer, multi-instrumentalist, Shakti Dance teacher, Gene Keys Guide, sound healing & music therapy facilitator.

Magdalena was born and raised in Poland.  She began singing at an early age and trained as a classical singer. At university, she joined a seven-piece band called Elipsa and become their main singer-songwriter. However, she soon abandoned her musical ambitions by surrendering to her overpowering desire to travel - eventually arriving in England in 2004. 

After a decade of silence, her desire for creating music and performing was re-ignited. She specialized in French Chansons, performing with jazz pianist Philip Clouts - and at the same time working on her original music. Training as a Shakti Dance teacher further freed her creativity and self-expression. Magdalena's 2 solo albums: Beauty & Power (2016) Love & Light (2019) recorded together with her producer Steve Jones, led to a creation of their band - Magdalena and the Mystical Birds. Another album- Lyric Lockdown Live (2021).

Alongside her singing, she plays the piano, hammered dulcimer, guitar and drums, inviting the audience to drift into the world of beauty & power or to join in a co-creation of the soundscape by singing along, drumming or dancing.

Magdalena Atkinson | Interactive Concerts | Music Workshops | Music Albums

Empowering, healing, joyful, original music offering events and workshops with a difference.


Magdalena is a sound shifting, free spirited artist. She is the Phoenix of her band Magdalena and The Mystical Birds, a Diva singing French Chansons, motivational singer at her DRUM & CHANT workshops, a wise woman at Mystic Nights and a sound healer at her sound meditations.


Her voice has an ability to be ethereal, angelic, Celtic, jazzy, shamanic, tribal. She can magically change genres from folk to ballad, jazz to French Chanson, and shamanic to angelic with seemingly magical ease.

Imagine being in a theater and hearing voices of different characters: angels, demons, wise women, some sexy, flirtatious, powerful or gentle, lost and found. Among them is a main character with her authentic voice, underlying every role she plays.

What enables Magdalena to do this, with such a range of genres, is her classical music foundation along with years of experimentation and writing her own songs. No wonder the results are often extraordinary!

Her mission is to inspire others to reach their full potential and encourage their creative dreams. Whatever she does, Magdalena gives 100% of herself, nourished by the love and friendship she receives from her followers in return.

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