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Day 6 - Guru Ram Das - 40 Days Chanting for Healing and transformation

Om Shanti,

Welcome all to Day 6 of our journey. During this 40 days all are welcome to join us at any point, so if you know anyone who could benefit from our space, please share the blog with them.

Today I would like to introduce you to the Gene Keys - a very beautiful and vast synthesis of practical wisdom which is a gift for humanity in this time of the Great Change. Richard Rudd - an author of Gene Keys uses this term in all his books indicating that something unique is happening to the Earth and the humanity right now. For us it is a mutation of our genes which will eventually elevate us form the Shadow frequency. I have been studding Gene Keys for 4 years, I am a team member of the Polish hub creating video contemplations and translating many materials into Polish. This year the term Great Change flashes to me everywhere, as I am sure that nobody doubts that we are witnessing a global crisis we will can also call a Great Change.

Gene Keys shows us how our world operates on 3 main levels, in the Shadow frequency fueled by fear and mind only, the Gift frequency fueled by creativity and the heart and the Siddhi Frequency connected directly with the Divine Source. The lowest spectrum we can see all around us, the middle one leads towards freedom from fear and fulfillment of our true potential. The highest one is so far rare in human beings but we all know extraordinary people who walked or walks upon this Earth carrying the divine energy in their field. I will share Gene Keys wisdom with you from time to time. If you feel inspired, please visit the website or contact me if you would like some help with decoding your hologenetic profile.

Our new mantra today GURU RAM DAS connects us with the lineage of Great Masters, term Guru Ram Das literally translates as "God's Servant" but also refers to the saint Guru Gam Das. It is knows as the mantra of humanity and miracles. We could not find a better one to express our longing for healing for humanity asking for a miracle in today's world! Miracles by many are perceived as rare and truly sometimes when all options are gone only a miracle can save us, yet I feel also that the term is understood in a very narrow way. Life is a miracle, a tree is a miracle, as well as you or me, all we need is to acknowledge it and by doing it we open the door to more magic in our life.

Mantra Guru Ram Das is comprised of two parts. The first one "Guru Guru Wahe Guru", where "Guru" means a teacher, "Wahe" means exclamation, projects the mind to the source of knowledge and ecstasy. Together with Guru Ram Das it reconnects the experience of the finite to infinity.

I have learnt a melody to this mantra during my Shakit Dance - Yoga of Dance training in 2014. There is many melodic versions of this mantra, I tried to find the author of the version I chose today ( It is a mantra cover with my hummer dulcimer), but sadly I could not find it. Among other artists singing this mantra are Mirabai Ceiba, Snatam Kaur, Ashana, Aykanna and many others, you can find them on YouTube or spotify.

Enjoy our chanting today!


On Saturday the 21st at 6pm UK time there is a chanting zoom session, here is a link. It will be lovely to meet you and share our group experience for far 1/4 into the completion of 40 days retreat.

Magdalena Atkinson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Om Shanti



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Event Photo cover by Jan Kasparec


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