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Day 14 - Mother Earth - 40 Days Chanting for Healing and Transformation

Mother Earth, I am calling you!

Rash though me with you cleansing water.

Om Shanti,

Yesterday I have shared with you a chant dedicated to the archetype of goddess Kali , her power as an activist or a warrior and a loving quality of the protective mother. Today I would like to expand on some aspects of this archetype, introducing a Song/Chant Mother Earth and shine some light on the big cycles of time presented in an ancient calendars, focusing especially on the age of Kali Yuga.

The song I am sharing I wrote 6 years ago and I called it a "Healing Story". The lyrics to the chorus are:

Mother Earth, I am calling you,

rash though me with you cleansing water.

A whole song was written as a dialog between a daughter and a mother. A young women (a daughter) is sharing her story (the story) of despair, lost, pain, shame and guilt she has experienced. The older woman (a mother) is comforting her and encouraging her to transform the story into a story with a potential to transmute past hurt and wounding into wisdom, compassion, forgiveness and ultimately Love.

I feel the power of the Elders in this song. I don't limit it only to women, as my dear friend with who I shared this song a few years ago saw a parallel to his relationship with his son.

Elders in many cultures are the wisdom keepers, experienced in letting go in life, letting go of the past, of the attachments which no longer serve them. Human's life so far, conditioned on so many levels by the culture and karma (the past doing), if you resonate with this word, has been seen as a battle field between the light and the darkness, as a struggle, as a constant repetition of the past in some sense. Isn't it time to change it and transform all our experiences so far into the wisdom?

Well, this leads me to the next topic for today: time and its cycles.

Many cultures and traditions have their own way to calculate time by creating their unique calendars and cycles of transformation over the millennia, which we can call the long counts or the cycles. The Vedic tradition and astrology divides the time into yugas and starts their counts in 12676BC* with the Golden Age lasting approximately 3000 years, followed by the Silver Age, the Bronze Age and finally the Iron Age. An Iron Age is called also Kali Yuga. It started in 3676BC as a Descending Kali Yoga followed by an Ascending Kali Yoga, lasting together 5700 years, guess when it is finishing? In a year 2025! Following these cycles we can see a descending quality of metals from golden (the most precious and valuable) to iron (the most common), which may and do suggests some sort of decline. Kali Yuga is described as the most challenging of all Cycles/ Ages, it is the time of karmic consequences, power of the Evil expanding and human consciousness declining. However awful it may sound there is some amazing promise in following any cycles, they come back, over and over, as each Golden age is proceeded by the Iron Age to repeat the cycle.

I find it fascinating that the name Kali is used in the description of the current times (well, of our written history we may say, over 5000 years). It indeed suggests that her battle has been long (very long), there was lots of blood, conflicts and wars, but... as she is invincible, her era may guide the world into the proper New Era of the Golden Age!

I have been studding ancient calendars (including the Maya calendar or the Balinese calendars, as there is more then one), prophecies and finally astrology, Human Design and The Gene Keys to understand the patters and cycles of time, planets, ect. You may not be surprised that all of them share the same message: our current time is the time of the Great Change, and 2020 is showing it us as clearly as never before. I will expand on my today's contemplation another time, as there is a lot to ponder on...

May you enjoy today's chanting with the focus on healing and transformation. Tomorrow I will continue with an inspiration dedicated to Water and her healing properties.

*Here is a Source link to the Vedic calendar calculations if you would like to know more about it.

Om Shanti,


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