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Experience joy & beauty with my music and find your unique self-expression in my tailored workshops.

Hire Me

The world is waiting for your light, so shine, shine, shine!

While performing I open your heart to the messages of love and transformation, encouraging you to find your own truth and self-expression. I offer concerts and workshops filled with the original soulful music, inviting you to interact and be a part of the event, so hire me for:


  • any festival favourite – a dynamic joyful concert with 'Magdalena and the Mystical Birds'

  • intimate acoustic concerts with songs to sooth and uplift

  • 'Thrive' - Interactive Concerts with audience participation, including drumming and chanting to make you feel good

  • DRUM & CHANT - magical & empowering experience for any group

  • Shakti Dance – yoga of dance workshops to open you up for your self-expression through movement & dance

  • Shakit Yoga - yoga, sound meditation

  • Om Shanti / kirtan in my own style– devotional chanting with the sound of the hammered dulcimer, shruti box, drums and meditation chimes

  • Sound meditation with intuitive guidance

  • Yoga Nidra - deep relaxation with sound healing

  • Gene Keys workshops - transformation of the Shadow and inner critic into the Gift and connection with the Higher Self

  • Music Therapy and drumming workshops

  • concerts of French Chansons with a jazz pianist Philip Clouds

  • 1:1 Gene Keys readings to empower and transform your personal life

  • MYSTIC NIGHTS - concerts with the Gene Keys wisdom weaved throught


The world is waiting for your gifts, so share, share, share!


I have shared my music & workshops at many events across the UK and Poland, here is a list of few of them:


  • Festivals - Colourfest, Chesil Rock, Larmer Tree, Shaftesbury Fringe, Seed Festival, Sun & Moon, Holifair, Freezone, Wellbeing by the Lakes, Hengefest

  • Gatherings - Healing Weekend, Surya Camp, Freezone Retreats

  • Concerts across South West UK and Poland - Bridport Art Centre, Honiton Art Centre, Blue Note Poznań, Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, Wrocław Town Hall, Feed the Soul, Heart Centre

  • Live radio & TV appearances - Glastonbury FM, Abbey 104, Source fm, KLM radio, St.Austell Bay, Exmouth Radio, Radio Poznań, TV Poznań

  • Yoga & Music retreats & workshops - Bellbrook, Dorset Yoga Centre, Poole Yoga Centre, Shekinashram Galstonbury, Wrocław, Poznań

  • Regular Music Therapy & DRUM & CHANT workshops across Dorset

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