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At the core of my life work are four main qualities -

authenticity, service, beauty and positivity.

Meet Magdalena

Come with me,

let’s sing this song!

When I was 4 years old, I received a unique birthday present – a song written by my mother. She and her family have introduced me to music and always supported my music education in Poland, where I was born, up to my post graduate scholarship in Bali, Indonesia, and beyond. During my musical and travelling adventures I got in touch with many cultures which opened me up to connecting to the beauty of Diversity and Oneness in us all.

I love singing, every voice has its unique imprint and quality and I feel grateful for my gift to share it and inspire others to find their unique self-expression. Having a voice is much more than just singing, it is about the message we want to share, our views of the inner and outer world.

At the core of my life work are 4 main qualities: authenticity, service, beauty and positivity – these in my eyes have a positive impact on myself first, which then I can freely share with others through music and self-expression.

Magdalena Atkinson | Interactive Concerts | Music Workshops | Music Albums

I am like a travelling moon -

every day different.


My love for travel & learning guided me to many beautiful places. Now living in Dorset with my family, with the sea and the countryside at my doorstep, I often find peace, comfort and inspiration in nature.


I love trees, animals and people’s kindness, I love music, dancing and connection with friends. Despite thriving in the communities, I need regular periods of time for silence and meditation, for yoga, walks and personal retreats. In my free time I study astrology and the Gene Keys, which deepen my understanding of the Laws of the Universe interwoven with our personal growth and destiny.


You may say, I am a dreamer… Yes, I am… dreaming the world of equality, love and service at the core of each human’s heart. Dreaming my world where I can share my gifts with wide audiences, be inspired & guided to the best outcomes on the daily basis.

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