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‘Magdalena & The Mystical Birds’ bring you folk, easy jazz, punk, chanson and samba.

Magdalena & the Mystical Birds

Ideal as a festival band, their music is optimistic and uplifting.


What do you get when you mix a Polish singer-songwriter, a punk guitarist/bass player, a samba drummer, and a session musician?




Hear the songbirds flying from above bringing heartfelt messages of renewed energy, joy, and love! Meet Lady Phoenix, Lord Crow, Mr Heron and Mr Owl and enjoy every moment filled with magic, synchronicity, flow & rhythms.

However one describs the band, with their easy and uncomplicated appeal, hints of easy jazz, folk, chanson, blues and samba, their strength lies in a performance of joyous playfulness with theatrical elements that echo the exuberance of the '60s.

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Ideal as a festival band, their music is optimistic and uplifting. They enjoy live performance and audience participation.

Magdalena Atkinson | Magdalena& the Mystical Birds

“Their stage presence is light and playful.”


Steve Jones (formerly of 'Heron' and 'Mungo Jerry') is on keyboards, Drew Crow Star (glam rock punk poet) is on bass, and on percussion is Darren Coleman (leader of 'Blackdown Samba').

Individually, the musicians have performed at international festivals, theatres, folk clubs, street theatre, and given their time to care homes and disability groups. Collectively, they have played to both audiences of thousands and to small intimate gatherings.


'Magdalena and the Mystical Birds' is a perfect band for festivals and gatherings showcasing new music or wherever original positive vibes are welcomed and appreciated! Their enthusiasm and playfulness is contagious, so do consider inviting them to your home or party and having them on board!

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