We are the Light of the Soul,

we are beautiful, we are bountiful, we are bliss!


Open your heart

and fill it with love.

Kirtan - intimate and prayer-like

experience for us all.

I feel grateful and very honoured each time I can offer Kitrans or chanting. It is a very intimate, prayer-like experience for us all. I share traditional mantras in Sanskrit and Gurmukhi with traditional music or my own melodies as well as simple chants or choruses to my spiritual songs, many written for my album “Beauty & Power”. I use my very special and soulful instrument – the hummer dulcimer, as well as the shruti box, drums and the guitar when appropriate.

I have been sharing Kirtans at festivals (Colourfest, Healing Weekend) and at many retreats, including Glastonbury Shekinashram.

My training in becoming a Shakti Dance – yoga of dance teacher with Sarah Avtar inspired me deeply to meditate, sing & chant traditional or modern mantras which eventually flourished into writing  my own melodies to mantras as well as short chants in English or Polish which I share at kirtans, Shakti Dance / Voice (link) workshops or Thrive interactive concerts (link).

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We are spiritual beings

who are walking on this Earth.

Magdalena Atkinson | Interactive Concerts | Music Workshops | Music Albums

Singing from the heart and experiencing unity with the force bigger that ourselves was always close to my heart. In my childhood I was singing at church in Algeria, sometimes enriched by drummers and singers from Madagascar. Later I was in love with the Tezai chants at the monastery in my home town. My travels to India and Bali brought me closer to the sacred sound from the Hindu tradition, which lead me to become a yoga teacher.

My return to writing music after 10 years of silence came from the deep healing of my wounded heart. One day I went for a walk and a chant came to me: “I am a powerful being who is walking on this Earth”- the chant was for me yet coming from the much more spacious and loving part of me – the Source – I could say. After this song many other simple chants came further healing and challenging me to dare to reach my dreams and open my heart.