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Music and stories to activate the Genius hidden within you.

Mystic Nights

"Look into my eyes and see
All the beauty, who you really are!"

You are the Light of the Soul.
You are beautiful, you are bountiful, you are bliss!

Magdalena invites you on a journey of self-discovery to awaken your gifts, dreams and wild aspirations. As a poet, wise women and a storyteller, she challenges your perception of yourself and open your eyes to the deeper and more fulfilling possibilities. As an astrological Scorpio and a risk taker, imprinted in her human design, she dares to dig deep into the mystic world of magic and transformation.

Her shape-shifting voice, her drum & the ethereal sound of the hammer dulcimer will ignite the wisdom of your heart. As a Gene Keys guide she will further share with you a modern mystic technology hidden within your DNA. She will introduce to you the work of Richard Rudd and his life changing inspirations to open your heart and be in service in our changing world.

Be ready to be inspired, awakened and in love with your inner MYSTIC, accepting fully who you are and stepping into your true potential. You may even like to sing along to Magdalena's chants or play along on your drum, if you have one do bring it along. 

You may even like to generate your free hologenetic profile  - a map of self-illumination - from the Gene Keys website.


Follow that voice, do not look back -
you are the chosen for change.


Inside each of us is a Mystic.

The one who travels between the worlds of Light & Darkness.

I am here to show you your shadow,

which blocks the Genius in you.

I am here to show you the gifts & potentials

so you can spread your wings!

Are you ready to join me?

I am a sound shifter, I travel with different emotions to move you, to disturb you, to inspire you, to awaken you! Are you ready?

I am a women of wild, of wisdom, of sound medicine, of courage and transformation.

Are you ready to sit by my fire?


I have a message for you:

You are the Divine Being

You are the Light of your Soul

Look into my eyes and see all the beauty, who you really are!

Come to the Mystic Night and you may discover something beautiful about yourself, which may change your life forever!




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