Let’s gather in communities, celebrating unity, yoga, dance, music and art!

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You are free to be yourselves, you are free to love yourselves,

you are free to be the change, you are free... drop the chains.

With my evolving style and knowledge, both acquired and intuitive,  I offer a wide range of performances and workshops, including:

  • band performance of joyous original music from 'Magdalena and the Mystical Birds'

  • acoustic intimate solo performance of lyrical and transformative songs with the hammered dulcimer, piano and the guitar

  • 'Thrive' Interactive Concerts with audience participation, including drumming and chanting to make you feel good

  • Kirtan – devotional chanting with original and traditional mantras and chants

  • Shakti Dance workshops – yoga of dance, a deep yoga and self-expression experience of bliss

  • Shakti Voice workshops – yoga and chanting to find your inner and outer voice (combination  of Shakti Dance and chanting)

  • 'Thrive' Interactive Concerts in a workshop setting with focus on self-expression and healing

  • 'Thrive' workshops for families and 'Thrive' workshops for women

Be aware, be present, be here,

be loved, be healed, be strong, be free!

Magdalena Atkinson | Interactive Concerts | Music Workshops | Music Albums

The spirit of unity with people sharing similar values of joy, connection and togetherness is at the heart of my work. I started my sharing in the UK in 2015 at the Colourfest and have since performed and run workshops at many festivals, gatherings, retreats and workshops in the UK and in Poland, including:

  • Colourfest

  • Chesil Rock

  • Larmer Tree

  • Shaftesbury Fringe

  • Seed Festival

  • Sun & Moon

  • Holifair

  • Bellbrook

  • Shekinashram (Glastonbury)

  • Othona (Dorset)

  • Dom Dźwieku (Poznań)

  • Muzykoterapia in Wrocław

  • Yoga Republic (Warsaw)