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Tap into your full potential and activate gifts hidden in your DNA

The Gene Keys Readings

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“Our deepest purpose in life is surely to live well – to live with passion, to learn from our mistakes and to continually expand beyond the parameters set by our minds and the minds of others." Richard Rudd

What is the Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys is a grand synthesis of practical wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential. It opens the door to self-discovery and finding the higher purpose in your life. It is a map which helps you to navigate through life and understand yourself on the deeper level, your vocation, your relationships, mental and emotional defensiveness patterns and more.

I am a Gene Keys Guide. Since 2018 I have been co-creating the Polish Gene Keys hub, introducing this beautiful wisdom, created for the time of the Great Change to the Polish community. Now it is time to share it in English and in Polish to all who are ready to receive it. To know more about it and to create a free profile based on your time of your birth, visit:

Be aware, be present, be here,

be loved, be healed, be strong, be free!

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Gene Keys Guidance Readings

If you would like to explore your GENE KEYS profile with more depth and guidance, I offer the 1:1 readings. I find it fascinating to witness how so many people resonate with it on a very deep level,  with the potentials (gifts) and challenges (shadows) imprinted into their personal profiles. I have 7 years experience of exploring this system and I have offered over hundreds of guidance reading sessions.
Session with me cost from £60 for 1,5 - 2h reading (if you need ask for concession). Contact me via email or call on 07796656869 so we can fix the date for a zoom session or in person.

I often weave the Gene Keys wisdom into my work as it is an endless source of inspiration for a personal growth.

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