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Day 13 - Kali Ma - 40 Days Chanting for Healing and Transformation

Om Shanti,

Today I feel drawn strongly towards the transformation power of the Divine Feminine and the archetype of the goddess Kali, so I would love to share with you her story and the chosen mantra Kali Ma. I wrote a long post about it but for some reason it has disappeared making me wonder why... Well... Let's start from the beginning.

On one hand Kali is know as the most fierce and blood thirsty goddess in the Hindu Pantheon, on the other hand, she is worshiped as the most loving mother. How these two extremes fit into one? There is many answer to it, I will try to share my contemplation on it.

According to the Hindu mythology, Kali has been born out the the most exquisite, beautiful and powerful goddess - Durga. Durga is the archetype of Beauty, Independence and Power. She is one of the most admired female archetype for the modern women, with her ability to set the healthy boundaries, to create time and space for herself when the outside world is in peace, then to be ready to step into service when others truly need her. I would like to dedicate one blog to her and introduce you to a powerful mantra Dum Dum Durga in the next 2 weeks. Now however, in much shorten version of the myth, we can imagine when one day Durga was asked to assist the world in a war against the monster. His power was immense, with each drop of his blood falling to the ground, a new form of him was reborn. In the moment of despair when nobody could defeat him, Durga stepped in and transformed herself into Kali, a fierce and invincible creature slotting the heads of the monster faster that he was able to regenerate. Nothing could had stopped her in her fight as in her killing trans as she nearly killed her lover - Shiva! Yet, when she saw a baby or a vulnerable elder, she was able to pause and help them till they were fully in safety. Here comes her other side, the most loving, caring and compassionate mother archetype glorified in a mantras - Kali Ma - Kali the mother.

Kali Ma

When we chant this mantra we invoke the loving mother quality of the goddess who is fearsome for the evils forces, but always defending and loving for the innocent. For me Goddess Kali it is an archetype of an activist having passion for her cause and deep love for creatures which are under her care.

The word Kali is used also in a different context, it marks the current epoch of the Dark Ages in Hindu tradition,which is calculated to end up in 2025! We are not far to go my friends, but it is a topic for another blog, which I will continue tomorrow.

Today, be strong, powerful in your actions but always with loving kindness, how to do it? It is a dilemma of every human being, my advise is - be yourself - it is more then enough!

Om Shanti,


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