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THE TIDES OF TRUTH ARE TURNING... What is the Truth? Storytelling time... I was brought up in Poland at the times in history where questioning the system was happening at some homes quietly behind close doors. Those who spoke up were often punished and silenced. At the time when the War State in Poland was proclaimed in 1981, my mum letters to my father leaving abroad in Algeria were censored. My mum said that I drew a picture of a tank, as it was what I saw on the streets. Mum knew not to post it in the letter but my parents were shocked to see that each and every letter sent during that time was marked heavily with a black marker taking out any info which could show the report of what was going on at home... What was the Truth? We have a few hilarious family stories related to this adventurous and uncertain time for us. My mum questioned the system all her life. My grandfather, an idealist, followed the system. He had a successful carrier, he was involved in politics in late 40s, to became a professor of law at Poznań University. My grandma on the other side was questioning and resenting the system quietly at home. In 1982 my mum was desperate to be reunited with my father and used all possible connections to be able to do it. It led to more adventures, my granddad s contacts with the ministry of the foreign affairs helped along the way and we were granted the permission to leave the country before many others. At that time nobody knew what was going on. The society was divided for followers, a suppressed opposition and a few brave, who sacrificed their freedom. At that time the Solidarity movement with Lech Wałęsa was born, to give you some perspective. Many people were questioning the narrative presented on the TV. I grew up at times when truth was muddy. The Catholic Church was a rock foundation for many and it had been led by the most loved leader in Polish history - the pope - John Paul the 2nd since 1979. During my teenage years I was fascinated by his teaching yet a few years later I was triggered to question it - the Church, its teaching and the growing contradictions in between. John Paul the 2nd started the movement of Ecumenism - uniting together not only the Christian denominations but also inviting leaders of other major religions. For me it was such an amazing, refreshing and idealistic concept - it was a hope for the end of all religious wars and the birth of the unity for all humanity. My local priest shared with me wonderful books by Anthony de Mello including his most famous book called "Awakening", which was putting together the wisdom of Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim cultures and traditions in a form of wonderful parables and short stories. I was so inspired! The work of Anthony de Mello however was put on the index of forbidden books for Catholics in 2005... My faith was shaken, I felt inside that something was wrong and incoherent and it was very uncomfortable... What was the Truth? Was it my childhood and my youth which gave me courage to question out loud what has been happening over the last 3 years too? I am sure it did. With the luggage and the blessings of my family being divided by political or religious views, where both sides were suppressing the Truth, I am grateful for my gut feeling and strong instincts to question any narrative which claims to be the only one. There is one Divine Truth and the Inner Truth, with many smaller truths we must learn how to navigate through. Did we really know what was true in 2020 or 2021 or 2022? What do we know what is true now? For me the closest to Truth is my small truth which is felt deeply in my body. Strong yes or strong no, then I know. Last 3 years have been very empowering to trust it. It is not necessarily based on logic, especially at the beginning, however further research helps the questioning mind. It is more like a gut feeling An inside scream against the status quo which feels incoherent, illogical and against the values which are sacred. It gives us courage, even at the cost of painful rejection, shame or guilt. I use to avoid conflicts at any cost but I was given an opportunity to speak up my truth and follow what felt right for me. I feel grateful... THE TIDES ARE TURNING THE TRUTH IS COMING OUT THE AWAKENING CAN NOT BE SUPPRESSED ANY MORE Give Thanks and honour your story and all the stories which made you stronger and guided you to the space of the Inner Truth According to the Gene Keys synthesis we are currently in the transit of the 63 Gene Key which role is to trust the process of questioning. It is a transformational path from the shadow of Doubt to the Siddhi of Truth through the path of Inquiry. Another Gene Keys 61 has an ancient name called Inner Truth, it travels from the Shadow of Psychosis, through the Gift of Inspiration to the Siddhi of I resonate with an idea that the Inner Truth is a journey from Doubt to Truth using a gift of Inquiry and Inspiration. Many beautiful songs were written as a result of my own inner inquiry which led to creation of some inspiring poems, lyrics and melodies ... They became my closest friends, encouraging me to inspire others to free their voices, imagination and inner truths.

I could have been even bolder and braver through out my life, yes, I know. I could have been kinder and less judgmental, Yes. I am sorry, I also didn't know... But I am grateful for the courage I had at the time and the Trust that all of it has been happening for a reason, even though we don't know the full picture yet, Truth is even above it... Knowing it all would take away the process of Inquiry and growth. So let's be grateful that we don't know all yet... Thank you for listening and sorry for any linguistic inadequacy, I am still learning and questioning English grammar


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