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Tap to your true potential - exploration of the Gene Keys and I-ching through drumming & chanting

What is it all about?

Tap your true potential - interactive 64 days course with embodiment of our genetic blueprint by body tapping and drumming to harmonize body, mind, heart and spirit inspired by the Gene Keys synthesis and I-ching hexagrams -

Do you like learning and having fun?

Would you like to learn something new or expand your existing knowledge about the Gene Keys and the I-ching?

My name is Magdalena Atkinson – I am a singer songwriter, music therapist, Shakti Dance – yoga of dance teacher, workshop leader and a team member of the Gene Keys Poland hub.

I created a 64 days course to explore your full potential using some fun tools

To fully understand what I would like you to offer let me explain some terms.

Firstly, what is the Gene Keys?

Gene Keys is a transformational system for self-realization that supports a person to live their highest potential, embodying their DNA-encoded True Nature and releasing their unique Gifts to the world unimpeded by Shadow limitations and conditioning. The system has been created by Richard Rudd, to know more visit:

Secondly, what is I-ching and how is it connected with the Gene Keys?

The roots of the Gene Keys go back to the ancient knowledge of the I-Ching, the system which is deeply connected to nature and still traditionally used as an oracle and contemplative tool to help making decisions in a given life situation. It uses 64 hexagrams, graphic symbols reflecting the influences of the different elements of nature and their relationships to each other. I-ching encourages us to contemplate nature and the movement of the energy in nature (in the Eastern tradition known as - Chi or prana), of which we are a part, as well as our emotions, ways of thinking, beliefs, relationships, etc.

What to expect?

I would like to offer you a new way of exploration of each Gene Key or groups of Gene Keys using the rhythm of each hexagram, drumming it and body tapping to harmonize vital life energy, known as Chi, in the body. My intention is to share with you the building blocks of each hexagram, its qualities and influences in an easy, playful and light way. The transformational path of each Gene Key may turn into a delightful sound and rhythmic journey!

Does it sound interesting?

It may be your introduction to the wisdom of the Gene Keys or an additional tool to your contemplation. It may inspire you to look at the weekly Pulse of the Gene Keys or even the sequences from your hologenetic profile. Or it may simply inspire you to use your drum and tap your body to feel good. The possibilities of having fun and being playful are endless.

Who can join the course?

You don’t need to have any previous experience in music or drumming. You may have years of experiences in studying the Gene Keys, as I have, or be at the beginning of your journey or a total novice. No experience is needed in both fields, however the deeper your willingness to explore the GK and the I-ching with their corresponding rhythms, the better fruits you can reap from the experience.

How the idea of Tap you true potential was born within my personal & professional story and where is it leading?

In my personal exploration of the Gene Keys, Human Design, Astrology and finally the I-ching itself, I came across some fascinating resources, including the book called “I-ching Tao of Drumming” by Michael Drake.

This book deeply resonate with me as it gives life to the lines of the hexagram by using them as a foundation to the musical rhythms. It feels in great cohesion with my work as a musician and a music therapist.

The experiential gift of playfulness with the different rhythms and patterns of short and long lines (short and long beats) made me very excited so I started to make it my daily practice. It further inspired me to work with the energy of each rhythm as well as to understand the harmonious or clashing elements of different trigrams (3 lines) inside each hexagram (2 trigrams creating 6 lines).

As a music therapist & workshop leader working with many people – healthy and very ill, I have experienced again and again how amazing rhythm and drumming is to elevate the energy of the group and further, to make a positive impact on each participant individually. It simply unifies everyone and creates the state of joy, elevation and radiance in most of us.

In my personal practice and professional work I use music as a tool for healing, it includes song-writing, chanting, voice work and drumming and shamanic drumming.

But my inquiry this time, in relation with the I-ching and Gene Keys, has not stopped on contemplation or drumming the patterns only. It went much deeper into the embodiment of it by literally feeling it in the body. 15 years ago I came across EFT – the Emotional Freedom Technique which I used with success while preparing myself for the birth of my first son. I have used the body tapping technique adapted from EFT or other practices in my own life and during my workshops. EFT is rooted in the ancient knowledge of the meridian system and it shows us how the energy - chi - circulates in the body.

And here my inquiry made a full circle, as it came back to the roots, cause both systems I-ching and a traditional Chinese medicine teaches us how the energy flows in the body, and how to harmonize it. Using the word “body” I am addressing our whole being – including the physical, emotional (astral) and mental bodies and perhaps even further embracing all 7 sacred bodies known form the exploration of the 22nd Gene Key (see the book Gene Keys by Richard Rudd).

I trust that my interactive way to play with each Gene Key may attract those of you who resonate with the idea and are ready to have some fun with it.

If you would like to join please register for my first INTRODUCTORY SESSION on the 1st of April at 7pm via zoom - Registration link:

During the course we will:

- Explore in an easy step by step process the building blocks of the I-ching hexagram: binary rhythms, elemental rhythms and trigrams, its meaning and qualities

- Explore the Hexagrams of the Gene Keys, its meaning and transformational path for the shadow to the gift.

- Tap the rhythms on the body to feel and activate them on the physiological level.

- Explore the rhythmic pattern and its vibration on the drumming / shamanic / Tao journey to embody and harmonize the life energy / chi in our physical body, mind, heart and spirit.

- Set up the healing and harmonizing intentions for our personal and collective journey through the time of the Great Change (2020 and beyond)

- Jam the beat (experience the joyful free flow of the rhythms)

- Share the experience of the session and our life stories connected with the particular Gene Key and how it works on a personal and collective level.

Benefits of the sessions for you:

- You may learn & experience something new, may it be drumming or the wisdom of the Gene Keys or the Iching.

- You may like to use the tools of body tapping and drumming to energize the body and shift your emotions

- You may expand your understanding of the Gene Keys through decoding the meaning of each hexagram and its energetic imprint

- You may enrich your daily contemplation practice of the GK in a fun and playful way

- You may meet other people from the Gene Keys community, those who are experienced and the beginners united with the beat of the codes of life.

What will you receive?

1. an access to 6 get together zoom sessions,

2. an access to the private facebook group Rhythms of Hexagram course with additional videos, materials and sharing

+ 30 min 1:1 hologenetic profile introduction session (for this I will need your date, time and place of birth)

(full 1,5h session (an extra 1h) can be arranged for an additional fee of £30 or can be included in the Upgraded Ticket

ticket prices:

£64 - course as described above

£100 - Course with the 1,5h Gene Keys profile reading

What would be beneficial to have?

- To join our rhythmical enquires into the Gene Keys it would be great if you have the “Gene Keys” book by Richard Rudd as we will refer to it as a source of our inspirations

- You may like to have a drum, however it is not necessary, as you can always use body tapping instead, even during the Tao / shamanic drumming part of the workshop. If you have a drum I recommend a shamanic drum which I will use, but equally you can adapt your way of playing on the djembe or another drum.

What is coming next?

I am planning to offer drop in sessions on a regular basis leading to the on-line course. Our introductory session is a tester session for what is possible. Jump on board and let’s explore and learn something together on the way to more vibrant and joyful life!


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