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40 Days of Chanting for Transformation - announcement

40 Days of Chanting for Transformation start: 12th November End: 21st of December.

I would love to invite you for a very unique musical healing journey with origianl and traditional chanting, yoga, astrology & Gene Keys.

Very symbolically this time we have descended into this lockdown at the time of nature retreat, letting go and even death. Days are shorter, colder, introspective. But there is much more in play and I would love to inspire and infuse you with the opportunity how to understand and use the Energy of the Universe for the positive transformation and empowerment!

Why 40 days? Why staring on those days? 40 days Retreats and Sadhanas were always seen as a powerful period of time for a retreat and manifesting a positive change. There is 40 days between two huge, significant astrological events at the end of 2020, in both of them Jupiter - the planet of magnitude and spirituality is in conjunction with 2 major planets Pluto - a symbol of power, death, transformation and rebirth (on the 12th of Nov) and Saturn a planet of the authority, order and material world (21st of Dec) This morning I received an insight, after asking how can I be in service during this time of Great Change in the world. In a flash of the second all was clear, I knew what to do, how to commit, how to be in service, what to offer. I am going to intrude you to the astrology alignment of the most important days during this time, introduce some of the Gene Keys which are particularly inspiring for this time and most of all, I want TO INVITE YOU TO CHANT, SING, BREATHE AND FEEL EMPOWERED!

PART 1 - Healing Path (12-21st Nov) PART 2 - Transforming Path (22nd Nov- 1st Dec) PART 3 - Empowering Path (2nd - 11th Dec) PART 4 - New Beginning Path (12th - 21st Dec)

Time to sit by the FIRE and Chant.

I will make a 10 DAYS schedule for each 4 parts of the Retreat. I will post videos on YouTube - on my channel write a daily blog here and offer a zoom meeting at the end of the part so we can communicate, share our experience and sing togehter. Magdalena Atkinson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Magdalena Atkinson's Zoom Meeting Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

Meeting ID: 760 8899 1419 Passcode: Jqw9ri

Each day all materials we be available on my website blog and on our fb group Chanting for healing and transformation, please request to join us.


It is a donation based 40 days retreat of healing accessible by all. To contribute your donation use the PAYPAL link or use the tickets links for more options.

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Event Photo cover by Jan Kasparec


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