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Day 38 - Open your heart - 40 days Chanting for healing and Transformation

Open your heart and fill it with love...

Om Shanti,

Yesterday morning a contemplation came to me or even a revelation on a word mindfulness. Over the last few years mindfulness became a popular technique used by many psychologist and therapist in the Western world. Wikipedia says"Mindfulness is the practice of purposely bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment with out judgment,a skill one develops through meditation or other training. Mindfulness derives from sati, a significant element of Buddhist traditions, and based on Zen, Vipassana, and Tibetan meditation techniques." My sudden revelation was that the word mindfulness seems to me to be very misleading. What if in true the focus is put on the heart? By doing it the whole experience of meditation so much more wholesome! So, rather than calling it mindfulness, wouldn't the word heartfulness be much more appropriate? In Easter traditions from where mindfulness originated their languages allow for a word "mind-heart", which sadly is missing in English or in my mother tongue Polish. A word Mindfulness puts the power of the mind in the center, rather than letting go of it. From the teaching of Gene Keys I have learned that what truly stays in the way of growth and expansion is often the rigid mind. The mind being full in a word mindfulness is exactly opposite to what in my view is happening, in the practice of meditation we empty the mind and make it still. So why did the founders gave such a name to this practice? Well, I think it mirrors the need of the human's ego to be in charge and in control. For many people in Western coulture the mind is valued much higher then the heart. But why? - goes my contemplation. Why have we placed the mind over the heart and why so many people follow it? What if the heart, with its capacity of love and compassion is a true ruler in our human's life? The Human Design system, from which the Gene Keys originated shares the powerful allegory. Imagine yourself as a car. Your vehicle is a body, your heart is the driver, and your mind is a passenger. If we allow the driver to take us, the body and the mind to different places in life, then we have a chance for a smooth journey. The challenge comes when the mind (a passenger) wants to take over the control form the heart (the driver) and put it at the back seat. Imagine the battle while driving on a motor way! That could be so dangerous! But this is exactly what many of us do. Some fight, some resign, letting the mind running the show.

In the context of today's song I dare to focus on hearfulness to guide us and let us enjoy life fully!

Open your heart and fill it with Love

Forgive the days for all the mistakes which holds you back

Open your heart and fill it with Love

Forgive yourselves for all the mistakes and be free...

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Om Shanti,


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