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Day 1 of 40 Days Chanting for healing and Transformation - Ra Ma Da Sa


Welcome to our 40 days Chanting for personal and global healing and transformation. It is always a commitment to start daily practice like this for a period of time. For me, creating this retreat reflects my deep commitment and with your presence all know that it is possible! I would encourage you to follow daily chanting posted here and on YOUTUBE, but please don't beat yourself if you miss a day. The tools I am creating are to inspire us and gently encourage, you can use them now, or you can use them in the future, especially all the chants and mantras.

Today we are starting together a journey marked by 2 major astrological events. They are our time frame giving us inspiration and understanding of the cosmic forces during this Global Lockdown. We are in a cocoon at our homes - feeling perhaps not comfortable, but growing internally and spiritually. I trust that my explanation of the astrological symbology may further teach us acceptance and patience even if we don't agree with the restrictions put upon us.

This is a large topic, as 2020 is pivotal in nature.

Here is a quote from the astrologer Kaypacha:


"Nearly one year ago on December 2nd 2019, Jupiter entered Capricorn and then spent all of 2020 moving into and out of conjunction with Pluto. I think the conjunction of Jupiter, (principle of expansion), and Pluto, (Lord of the Dead), might be the signature of the coronavirus. At various times during the year, the Capricorn conjunction was joined by other planets such as Mars, (which rules fever and infection) and notably, in January, by an asteroid named Asteroid Wuhan! Today, November 12th, in the dark of the Moon, Jupiter will, for the last time, reach an exact conjunct Pluto at 22 degrees of Capricorn, and with Saturn at 27 degrees Capricorn. On this day Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will be more closely aligned in the sign of Capricorn than at any time for thousands of years. The following day, Jupiter will overtake Pluto and this is the beginning of the end of this difficult transit that has dominated 2020. Of course, this astrological vortex has been mirrored by world events, the pandemic, a looming economic crash, war, Black Lives Matter, climate change, migration tragedies and the disputed US election, critical to the future of the planet and coloured by the machinations of the plutocracy that are the negative expression of Pluto. On the day of the Winter Solstice on December 21st, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn move into an exact conjunction at 0 degrees of Aquarius. Aquarius usually comes with a very bright shiny light and I believe the whole world will feel this shift of energy from rigid Capricorn to electric Aquarius. However, Aquarius is not a picnic - it is the sign that rules revolution including bloody revolution, shock and trauma. So the human race is not out of trouble, there is a lot of reckoning still to come. But it will feel different. Aquarius is visionary, it focus on the future and one of the main qualities of the archetype of Aquarius is Hope.

In the 40 days leading up to the solstice, we may feel as though we are in the breaking up of the ice at the end of winter, ice floes and icebergs cracking and coming apart, the rivers swelling and surging into flood sweeping away the debris of the frozen time. In these weeks it is good to reflect on the years of decline that have lead us into the current state of our world and to be giving attention to vision, to new possibilities arising from the deep, dark learning of 2020. Maybe, when springtime comes we will, once again, see the salmon leaping up the river."

I know it sound heavy but we are in the process of transformation hence my inspiration to create this healing space for us all!

Each day I am going to post a video lasting about 15min.

The main part of each video will include:

1. TUNING IN MANTRA - Each day we will tune in with the mantra - "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo" - calling upon our inner teacher for guidance. It is a mantra chanted by many people at the beginning of the yoga practice, particularly Kundalini Yoga or Shakti Dance - Yoga of Dance. I am a Shakti Dance teacher, so I am finding it particularly appropriate to create a safe sacred space for us all.

2. AFFIRAMTION - I have created an affirmation to help us to focus on the positive aspect of the current global change. You are welcome to create your own.

Here is my suggestion (it may slightly vary, let's see how we resonate with it):

"I don't fully understand what is happening but I know for sure that in my reality something big and amazing beyond my imagination is happening now."

My intention is to focus on the new high vibration, healing us from fear.

3.Main mantra: RA MA DA SA

This is a healing mantra inviting new, loving energy into the world and our body. The meaning is as follow: RA (Sun) MA (Moon) DA (Earth) SA (Impersonal Infinity)

SA SAY (Totality of Infinity) SO (merging) HUNG (Infinite Vibration).

The mantra is connecting us with the cosmic energies. In other parts of our 40 Days I will explain more the cosmic energies at play in this particular time.

4.TUNING OUT MANTRA - SAT NAM - I am truth, a simple chant to finish out practice with the sens of truth, authenticity and stability.

In these 15 min videos I will also share my insights and stories and add a new mantra or chant.

Yesterday I posted a short version of our daily practice. Please use it any time when your time is limited.

Thank you for joining us and sharing our videos, remember they can be shared as single videos as well the series.

Thank you for all donations and sharing in your community!


It is a donation based 40 days retreat of healing accessible by all. To contribute your donation use the PAYPAL link

or use the tickets link to free, blissful, bountiful, abundant or celebration tickets

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Event Photo cover by Jan Kasparec

Om Shanti



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