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Day 9 - I follow my path - 40 Days Chanting for Healing and Transformation

The Sun is my guide

The Earth is my support

The Winds are my friends

The Plants are my healers...

Om Shanti,

Welcome to chanting and sharing about the healing path today.

Today's song I would like to dedicate to my friend Fiona, one of the Seed Sistas, who introduced me to the world of herbs and natural healing remedies. In our specialized world we have often given away our power in the area of healing. It needs courage to reclaim it and time to learn about it, but I feel strongly that despite the global seeking for the outside medical solutions, the healing solutions lies inside us and in our backyard. This is what Sensory Solutions are teaching their students, that nature has many answers to our un-ease. Below is the link to their book, if you resonate.

The song "I follow my path" I wrote for my first healing album Beauty and Power. My healing was about reclaiming my creative gifts and start writing and sharing music again, after over ten years silence. It may sound surprising but I feel that a cause of our un-ease lies in the unfulfilled dreams, that was in my case as I found myself constantly ill catching all possible flues and colds and not being able to sing at all. The baggage of the upbringing, education and the society expectations towards us often cuts us from our core, call it a dream, a purpose or a mission. The longer we stay dis-connected the more we create un-ease and finally dis-ease.

Today's song/chant invites us back to our heart and back to nature, from where we can follow our path and heart again.

Words of the song:

I follow my path with ease and grace / 4x

I follow my path, my wildest adventure,

I follow my path and my true nature

I follow my path, my heart's desire

I follow my path and my inner power!

Finally, here find the link to the original version of "I follow me path" with a video recorded in Little Bready, Dorset in 2015.

A Reminder:

On Saturday the 21st at 6pm UK time there is a chanting zoom session, here is a link. It will be lovely to meet you and share our group experience for far 1/4 into the completion of 40 days retreat.

Magdalena Atkinson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Om Shanti



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