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Day 8 - Sa Ta Na Ma - 40 Days Chanting for Healing and Transformation

Om Shanti,

Welcome to a new day with chanting! Today I am going to share with you a beautiful (for me) recording of the mantra SA TA NA MA I created in April this year during the 1st lockdown. I am very fortunate to have a beautiful healing space , my studio, for being creative, practicing yoga and now writing my blogs! In April I created the private fb group Chanting for Healing and Transformation, to help us all to cope with the sudden change and which untill now has continued to serve us. Invite your friends, my intention was to create a safe space for sharing music and chanting with you but also inviting you to share your favourite online meditations and insights.

On that particular morning in April, I set up all my instruments, including my looping machine and started to play with it, finishing after a few hours of chanting, yoga and meditative bliss. Creating this mantra was an exquisite experience, I hope that even now we can feel it, and today I am going to join you on the receiver side, connecting again with this special moment.

This mantra is used to increase intuition, balance both hemispheres of the brain, and create a destiny for someone where there was none. We may even say, that our intention is to create a destiny for each of us individually but also adding to creation of the global destiny for humankind. This mantra describes the continuous cycle of life and creation, life, growth, death & rebirth. It is also a great catalyst for change, so it seems on many level a great choice for our 40 days Chanting for Healing and Transformation. I often use this mantra during a walking meditation due to its rhythm and simplicity. I also use it during the Shakti Dance workshops I offer during the celestial communication part of the practice when we link mantras with movements and mudras. In today's meditation I am sharing some simple mudras connecting the thumbs of both hands with: a pointing fingers (SA), middle fingers (TA), ring fingers (NA) and little fingers (MA).

Words and Meaning of the mantra:

Saa - Infinity, Totality of the Cosmos

Taa - Life (Birth of form from the infinity)

Naa - Death (or transformation)

Maa - Rebirth

Many astrologers and visionaries have been preparing us for this time, particularly November and December 2020, describing it like being in a birth canal right now, ready to be born to the new energies after the 17th of December. Until this time Saturn is in the final degrees in Capricorn which may manifest in the most strict orders coming form the authorities. After this time however the energy may shift, that is the nature of life - a change, and move to the next sign of the zodiac - Aquarius - the sign of change, social justice, freedom, revolution and technology. We don't know how it may express itself exactly but the death of the old form and the rebirth into the new one might be imminent.

On a personal level I would suggest to use this mantra to let go of any residue of the low, fear vibration on any level of your body-mind-spirit. Remember, we are creating our new reality, as unique as we can not imagine yet!

Enjoy your chanting today!


On Saturday the 21st at 6pm UK time there is a chanting zoom session, here is a link. It will be lovely to meet you and share our group experience for far 1/4 into the completion of 40 days retreat.

Magdalena Atkinson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Om Shanti



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Event Photo cover by Jan Kasparec


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