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Day 5 - Sit in peace with me - 40 Days Chanting for Healing and Transformation

Om Shanti,

Welcome to Day 5 of our journey. Today I would like to invite you to “Sit in Peace with me”, literally and symbolically. The true healing can happen only when we pause. The irony of our understanding of health is that we often pause when we are ill. The body is forcing us to stop so we can heal not only the physical part of us but also some deeper issues if we dare to look at them. My invitation for many of us would be– pause before you get ill. Isn’t it ironic in the current time? During this year lockdowns we collectively literally have been forced to pause. What are the advantages of slowing down or pausing on personal and collective level?

Illness is always an opportunity to change our attitude, make different life style choices, correct what doesn’t work, change the environment or close relationships, simply, let go of something which doesn’t serve us anymore. During the 1st lockdown I returned to books of dr. Joe Dispenza – this time in a form of audio books and his meditations available on YouTube. His research shows that people who make changes after the recovery form the serious illness often enjoy their life much more than those who after the illness return to the same environment or the same relationships which made them unwell in the first place.

Now on a global level we can experience the similar moment. Most people have not been directly affected by the current virus but have an opportunity to pause. The next step would be to listen in this quiet moment to all the insights, listen to our own thoughts and emotions.

Deeply inside I trust that we can hear what the body or our planet wants to tell us, what changes are necessary, what relationships or habits are not healthy any more to finally hear what is ultimately the Divine Truth:

“You are so much more than you think

Open your heart and let Love in”

Let’s chant together!

Om Shanti



On Saturday the 21st at 6pm UK time there is a chanting zoom session, here is a link. It will be lovely to meet you and share our group experience for far 1/4 into the completion of 40 days retreat.

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