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Day 34 - Sit In peace with me - 40 Days Chanting for Healing and Transformation

You are so much more than you think, open your heart and let Love in...

Monday the 21st of December at 6pm

Winter Solstice Celebration with Chanting for Healing and Transformation - Live zoom session - REGISTER FOR THE EVENT HERE!

Om Shanti,

My intention for today and for the whole week is to hold the joyous space for the final part of our 40 days together. What is the new beginning? What is means for you? We are joining in ceremony and prayer together with many many people around the globe this week. Many of us are aware of the deep changes in the outside and the inside structures of our society, our planet and our inner world. While one part seems to be contracting the other is expanding, and it is up to us to choose the path right now.

This week the Sun is in conjunction with Center of our galaxy, which may draw our attention even more to the fact that we are the part of the much bigger picture, a part of the Universe, which influences us, inspires us and also is a part of the big mystery.

According to the Gene Keys, the Sun is transiting the 11th Gene Keys this week. It gives us another layer of inspiration and a subject to contemplation. The 11th Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Darkness into the Siddhi of Light, with its gift of Idealism. This Gene Keys explains the limiting perspective of duality, where both Darkness and Light are perceived as opposite. In our current reality this is how we see it, day and night, good and bad, black and white, when in fact Light is the only truth, as Darkness can be seen as an illusion, sometimes terrifying, but an illusion which takes us away from the truth. Physics is explaining to us that the white Light carries all the colours inside it, we can not see it all the time, only sometimes under special circumstances.

I find this Gene Keys deeply mystical, it reminds me that our reality is only the Maya, an illusion. The gift of Idealism may help us to understand it, we are aware of the darkness in the world, our own shadows and limitations, yet we trust in the light, we choose seeing light in others, we choose the enlighten path, trusting in human's heart and in the good in the world. By doing it we attract the Light, we attract a good fortune, solutions and bright future and also we radiate the Light assisting others on their path from the Shadow to the Light.

My song for today may inspire us to remember our true nature!

Sit in peace with me

Open to the heart within

it will be telling you, it will be telling you

who you are...

you are so much more than you think

open your heart and let Love in...

Om Shanti


a Reminder: Monday the 21st of December at 6pm

Winter Solstice Celebration with Chanting for Healing and Transformation - Live zoom session - REGISTER FOR THE EVENT HERE!

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