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Day 33 - I surrender + New Moon Chanting via Zoom - 40 days chanting for healing and transformation

I surrender to the Divine in me

I trust, I love, I flow...

Om Shanti,

Today is a very special day. Another beautiful and significant astrological event is taking place, but also it feels like a silence before the storm or a culmination of some sort. I love the fact that so many people from around the world are connecting in the ceremony of gratitude for what was and anticipation for what can be right now. Anticipation is a Gift of 41 Gene Key. The frequency moves from the Shadow of Fantasy and never manifested dreams into the Gift of Anticipation - a deep trust that our dreams are on their way to the Siddhi frequency of Emanation, when all dreams and wishes are simply limitless and not even important nay more. I feel like a deep celebration happening in my heart. I am allowing for the deep healing and letting go of all the past and old believes, it is like cutting the umbilical chord connected with the old structures and plugging it into the true Source of all creation. The gift of Anticipation is very beautiful, one of the way to understand it is the gratitude for our future, trusting that all what is good is on its way. This is connected with the work of Dr Joe Dispenaza and many others who are working with the principals of quantum physics, teaching that there is a space with no space and time with now time, a field of all possibilities from which we can choose the best potentials, rather than being at the mercy of the patterns of the past repeating themselves over and over again.

I dream of the world where people and nature live in harmony with each other, where all our gifts are are dominant energies, when Siddhies are the living exaples and role models for us all... I have a dream... Now so many of us have a dream.

In March I was so shocked in what is going on, so angry for the fear spread all around. Now it came to the point when I am not even interested in the old arguments, new normal, ect. It all feels surreal, but that is a great space to create a dream which goes also beyond the normal, because it is bigger, stronger and simply real much more than the world created by media.

Many people and prophesies are talking about the split in the world, between those who follow the old paradigm based on fear and those who create a new one based on love, well I am sure that you know which one you are choosing.

To further follow my contemplation I am sharing a summary of inspiring, hopeful thoughts from my favorite spiritual astrologer, Robert Wilkinson, Founder of Aquarius Papers Global Astrology. I hope it makes you smile.

Believe it or not, we are now done with the nonstop open conflicts and friction of 2020! This eclipse will begin to remove what blocks our happiness, allowing us to find new ways to dance with life. As such, it marks a completion of the heavy Capricorn/Cancer energies of 2019 and 2020 and is a turning point in our destiny. We have been through an extraordinarily transformative period and have gathered what we need to move forward. Now we begin a long period of allowing old ideas, perceptions and truths which no longer serve our higher purpose to be removed. As we drop obsolete emotional responses, we can ENJOY the next chapter of our lives unencumbered by the old baggage! Blessings will be bestowed on those who have been true to themselves with unexpected assistance showing us the good fortune we deserve.

To celebrate join us today, on Monday the 14th of December at 6pm for a New Moon Chanting and the Solar Eclipse- Live zoom session - REGISTER FOR THE EVENT HERE!

Enjoy chanting for surrenderulgf today,

Om Shanti


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