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Day 31 - Aham Brahmasmi - 40 Days Chanting for healing and transformation

Monday the 14th of December at 6pm

to celebrate New Moon Chanting and the Solar Eclipse- Live zoom session - REGISTER FOR THE EVENT HERE!

Om Shanti,

We are having a powerful finale to our 40 Days preparation towards Winter Solstice and Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on the same day! What if it the most important time we know? I am a dreamer and an optimist, I see life larger than others, which is a beautiful gift of awe and bliss every day.

Our next 10 days of the journey I called: The new Beginning - link to the event:

It is time to dream big, to see ourselves as the Divine beings connected with the source, to see humanity transformed and healed from fear, control, inertia, stagnation, naming a few shadows into the frequencies of the gifts: empowerment, synarchy, vitality, naming a few, enlighten by the highest possible frequencies of light, love and radiance... Sun is still in Sagittarius, the sign of BIG VISION, ruled by Jupiter. I may encourage you to write a diary, draw a dream board or do the video board with your dreams.

For today I chose a simple mantra Aham Brahmasmi which means: I am Divine.

I have learned this mantra from one of courses from Deepak Chopra. It may set up the tone for the next 10 days, days of magic and possibilities, if we dare to see it.

We are entering the time of intense energies coming to our planet, our society and each of us.

Today we have the 12:12 Portal. Numerology finds it as a very powerful time, another synchronicity with the astrological - Solar Eclipse on Monday and astronomical aliments, I have mentioned in yesterday blog. Today I will expand on this topics.

"Twelve represents a doorway of complex stability. It is the foundation of the self with the incoming essence of union representing the mystical truth of polarity. This means that the higher part of our consciousness is coming into full creation to allow for the wisdom, strength, and stability that each of us brings forth into the essence of Gaia through our polarity of Yin and Yang". (A quote from

Wow, how more accurate could that be! Indeed, we are at the doorway to the new paradigm which may offer an upgrade to humanity, connecting us with the Divine force, Divine force in us.

At the same time, there is more confirmation coming from the field of astronomy. Today is also the peak of the Geminids Meteor Shower. That means there is a chance you may even see some rainbow coloured shooting stars. Our Planet is passing through the dust and debris from an asteroid. This is the final Meteor Shower of the year, and also the best one. We can expect it to be raining down fireballs, and even blue, yellow, red, and green stars. Let’s just say there is extra magic in the air and is the perfect time to make a wish on a shooting star. What is your wish? Your wish for Mother Earth, Humanity and Yourself?

Also it is said that we may see Norhten Lights in places we never saw before, in the whole UK, especially up North, but if the conditions are right, in the much bigger area. My dream to see it is coming true... who knows? This is my immediate wish, ha,ha!

On Monday you are very welcome to join us for another powerful live chanting sessions via zoom to celebrate the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse - REGISTER FOR THE EVENT HERE!

Enjoy today, a powerful portal into your heart!

Om Shanti


Ps. Would you spare a minute and write a short testimonial about your experience so far with our daily chanting? You can do it as a comment to the blog or send me private message to my e-mail:

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