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Day 4 - Moon Chant - 40 Day Chanting for Healing and Transformation - Moon Chant

Om Shanti,

Welcome to Day 4 of our spiritual practice. Today is a New Super Moon in Scorpio (5.07am on the 15th of Nov in the UK). This is a strong new beginning, time to plant a new seed for the next 6 months when the Scorpio energy will manifest in Scorpio Full Moon. You may feel passionate again in your personal life as it is in synchronicity with Mars moving direct, giving us extra energy. I feel it strongly, as after a few quiet weeks I feel committed to our time together. Globally there is also a strong sense of movement, news and events may happen suddenly and quickly due to Uranus opposing Mercury in Scorpio, which digs into secrets, disclosure and taboo.

We are witnessing the pivotal point in history. Scorpio with its deep Plutonian energy also is a sign of spiritual transformation. All of this explains a bit more why I have chosen these 40 days for our practice. The fear which dominates this year lives outside us and inside us. The cure however must come from the inside first. It is our work to face the fear, to face the darkness and ask ourselves the question, what am I afraid of? We might be surprised with the answer. In today's and tomorrow's meditation I suggest to ask the question and sit with it, even if it feels uncomfortable, over the time, like the waxing moon, we will know the answer and it may even change every day.

The Moon chant I am sharing today tells us that:

"I am like a traveling Moon, every day different, I am like a traveling Moon, every day different"

May we not be afraid to invoke into our reality what we truly long for, today and tomorrow is a great time to plant the seed of a positive outcome.

Om Shanti



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Event Photo cover by Jan Kasparec


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