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Day 28 - Gobinday Mukanday - 40 Days Chanting for Healing and Transformation

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Monday the 14th of December at 6pm

Om Shanti,

Time to empower our mind giving it a tool to clean a mental clatter and accumulated subconscious fears. Are you ready? For today I chose a powerful mantra, which I discovered during my Shakti Dance - Yoga of Dance training. The version I am sharing has been inspired by Mantra Girl, if you would like to move and dance, this is definitely a great one to do so (Click on the link to the YouTube song - Gobinday Mukanday by Mantra Girl, from the album "Truth")

It is said that Mantra Gibinday Mukanday connects the mind with the Divine Mind and balances the hemispheres of the brain, bringing patience, compassion, confidence and self-esteem.

It also may help with any sleep issues, as usually a mental activity of the conscious or subconscious mind is disturbing our sleep. I must try it, as I have tendency to too much thinking in the evening or when awaken at night. Chanting it before bed may help us to release any subconscious thoughts, which might be particularly useful after watching a movie, having a challenging day, worrying tendencies or arguments.

Lyrics of the mantra:

Gobinday Mukanday Udaaray Apaaray

Hariang Kariang, Nirnaamay, Akaamay

Meaning of the mantra:

Sustainer, Liberator Generous Infinite.

Destroyer Creator Nameless Desireless

Enjoy your chanting today!


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