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Day 19 - Full Moon Chanting Circle via Zoom - 40 Days Chanting for Healing and Transformation

Om Shanti,

Today, on Monday the 30th of Nov at 6pm UK time we are going to get together of a Full Moon chanting session via Zoom. Here is a link to the registration for our event, which will allow you to obtain the zoom link and a password:

If you can not join us, please continue your practice with one of the previous videos or a short video of mantra RA MA DA SA, see the link below.

Today’s full moon in Gemini and a Lunar Eclipse is one of many important astrological events this year. Usually lunar eclipses reveal something previously hidden to us on a personal or collective level. This time the sign of Gemini suggests some surprising news (if we don’t have enough of them daily) as this sign rules communication, information and news itself. This stream of new information may lead to swinging between the confusion and the truth, but also potential disillusionment of information which may continue till January, as the Nodal Axis (South and North Nodes of the Moon) has started to square Neptune. Neptune on one hand is an archetype of Divine Love on other hand may cause confusion in the lower octave of its influence. We may need to let go of some old believes in status quo, as the South Node in Sagittarius is dissolving them all. Those who have tendency to hold on may find it very difficult clinging to even stronger dogmatic believes, so let’s be aware of it.

For us it is an opportunity of letting go and it will be our intention for this Full Moon chanting. I would suggest to make a list of things which no longer serve you, especially old believes about yourself and your values on a personal level and fear of all kinds on a collective level. Let’s clean the cobwebs and get ready for more refine, positive, uplifting changes in your reality as well as for our global family.

What if we are truly at the dawn of amazing changes? What if the positive affirmation I share with you each day is actually helping us to create a new reality? I am an optimist and I trust in the Divine beauty and power in each of us. May we stay grounded and aware of the changes at this time, letting go of fear, indifference and judgment despite the shocking news and a growing chaos on a surface.

I trust to meet some of you today.

Let's enjoy today's chanting in the nest form for us!

Om Shanti,


Ps. Would you spare a minute and write a short testimonial about your experience so far with our daily chanting? You can do it as a comment to the blog or send me private message to my e-mail:


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