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Day 15 - Sacred Waters - 40 Days Chanting for Healing and Transformation

Sacred Waters of the Earth

Be Healed, be clean

Sacred Water of the Earth

Heal me, clean me...

Om Shanti,

Today I would like to invite you for the contemplation of the healing and changing property of the water. This is one of the most miraculous substance on our Planet, allowing all living beings to live and thrive. We start our life as a water creatures in our mothers wombs, we drink it, we wash with it, we swim and play in it. We love our oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and streams.

The transformation of water from liquid to solid to vapor is amazing and breath taking. How one substance can have so many different forms?

Today I would like to pay my tribute to water with the song Sacred Waters form my first album "Beauty and Power".

Many years ago I was inspired by the work of dr Masaru Emoto and his book "The Hidden Messages in water" which explores water's ability to hold the messages of love and harmony creating perfectly shaped crystals for words or music of high vibration. Following his concept, the idea of us humans, who consist of 70% of water, to be able to hold pure vibration of love in our blood is not really far away. I love playing with ideas like this, as it inspires us again and again to see the world as One, connected, and simply beautiful. If it is true, what words are you using daily? Which words are not longer in the aliment of the vibration you may like to aspire to?

Here are the lyrics of the chorus my song Sacred Waters to use in our today's chanting:

Sacred Waters of the Earth

be healed, be clean

oh, Sacred Waters of the Earth

clean me, heal me...

A beautiful video of this song - "Sacred Waters" was recorded in Little Bready, Dorset, in 2015.

Enjoy our chanting and see you tomorrow,

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,


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A Reminder:

On Monday the 30th of Nov at 6pm UK time there is a chanting zoom session,

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