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40 Days of Chanting for Healing and Transformation - introduction to healing mantra RA MA DA SA

Om Shanti,

Welcome to 40 Days Chanting for our personal and global healing and transformation. We are living in a unique time in the history, marked very clearly by the cosmic forces.

Every day I will share mantra RA MA DA SA connecting us with the cosmos and our Divinity and other original chants, mantras and insights about this very special period of time.

In this post I would like to focus on the main components of our daily practice to make it easier. I have created a short video of our practice especially for those with less time, who may choose listen just to the main mantra on some days, without loosing the flow.

Here are our main steps:

1. TUNING IN MANTRA - Each day we will tune in with the mantra - "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo" - calling upon our inner teacher for guidance. It is a mantra chanted by many people at the beginning of the yoga practice, particularly Kundalini Yoga or Shakti Dance - Yoga of Dance. I am a Shakti Dance teacher, so I am finding it particularly appropriate to create a safe sacred space for us all.

2. AFFIRAMTION - I have created an affirmation to help us to focus on the positive aspect of the current global change. You are welcome to create your own.

Here is my suggestion (it may slightly vary, let's see how we resonate with it):

"I don't fully understand what is happening but I know for sure that in my reality something big and amazing beyond my imagination is happening now."

My intention is to focus on the new high vibration, healing us from fear.

3.Main mantra: RA MA DA SA

This is a healing mantra inviting new, loving energy into the world and our body. The meaning is as follow: RA (Sun) MA (Moon) DA (Earth) SA (Impersonal Infinity)

SA SAY (Totality of Infinity) SO (merging) HUNG (Infinite Vibration).

The mantra is connecting us with the cosmic energies. In other parts of our 40 Days I will explain more the cosmic energies at play in this particular time.

4.TUNING OUT MANTRA - SAT NAM - I am truth, a simple chant to finish out practice with the sens of truth, authenticity and stability.

I trust that our journey can help us to stay grounded, connected and inspired this time.

Om Shanti.


It is a donation based 40 days retreat of healing accessible by all. To contribute your donation use the PAYPAL link

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