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Day 35 - We are the One - 40 Days chanting for healing and transformation

I don't understand fully what is happening right now,

but I know for sure, that in my reality something big and amazing is happening now...

Monday the 21st of December at 6pm

Winter Solstice Celebration with Chanting for Healing and Transformation - Live zoom session - REGISTER FOR THE EVENT HERE!

Om Shanti,

Today I would love to share with you a story of the affirmation I have been sharing with you since the beginning of our 40 days journey. A few years ago, my inner world has been shaken, I felt that something special was happening, but I didn't know what is was and I was carrying lot's of fear about my future. One day I came across the webinar on line, I tried to find some traces of what it was exactly in my diaries, but I could not find it. The webinar was about overcoming the fear of the unknown. The lady who offered that shared her story, when she lost her business, her home and finances due to the economical crisis of 2008. After an initial panic, she created a new attitude towards her situation and a positive affirmation reading the forced change as an opportunity rather than a disaster. From day one of her new situation she was reprogramming her belief system from fear and lack to opportunities and abundance. She was a powerful manifestor who after a year not only created a flourishing new business but also doubled her income. For me however it marked the beginning for changing my own limited believes, transforming fears into opportunities, shadows into gifts. To do so, I created a poster, like the one below and I put it on my bedroom's wall. It was there for a year or so, till one day one of my family member asked, why I had this poster there, because nothing spectacular had happened. I felt sad, perhaps ashamed... as for me personally a lot of beautiful things happened during that year but it didn't have any measurable effects, no fanfares, no spectacular success, nothing truly amazing seen from the outside. I put my poster away, I closed my heart a bit, I swallowed some kind of humiliation, end of a story. Yet a story didn't end. It was just a beginning. A beginning of living more authentic life, free from the judgement of my own critical mind and others, a beginning of attracting true magic, even if nobody can see it.

When the idea about our 40 days of Chanting for Healing and Transformation came, I knew immediately what affirmation to use, it just bounced back to me, as I have been feeling that this year not only me but many people around the world have been facing a choice how to respond to a fear of the unknown. We can feed the fear or see it as an opportunity for the new solutions, new ideas and the new world emerging. It may happen without the noise, without the fanfares, without the immediate success however the Sky this year has been offering us lots of unusual events, like a passing of the comet New Wise in July or the Saturn - Jupiter conjunction on the 21st of December. Ancient people, connected to nature, would likely to respond to these events with more awe and admiration than the general public nowadays, but many people, even if the minority, are seeing the signs and fill their hearts with hope and trust for the future. I love this affirmation, it makes me stronger and more resilient, trusting that my perception of nature and myself is filled with magic and beauty and that is making every single day a unique and a beautiful experience. I simply feel very grateful for it.

My song for today may inspire us further to nurture the Nature, Mother Earth and ourselves, as we are a part of her - something Big and Amazing, as amazing as we are not aware of it fully yet.

We are the One she has been waiting for

We are the warriors of the Light

with no killing, no weapons, no hate

Brothers and Sisters - open our arms

Brothers and Sister leave your fear behind

Our Mother wants to give you a hug

with her healing, her wisdom, her Love

We are the One she has been waiting for

We are the warriors of the Light

with our healing, our wisdom, our Love

Om Shanti


a Reminder: Monday the 21st of December at 6pm

Winter Solstice Celebration with Chanting for Healing and Transformation - Live zoom session - REGISTER FOR THE EVENT HERE!

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