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Day 25 - The Most Loved Children - 40 Days Chanting for Healing and Transformation

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Om Shanti,

Today I am sharing with you a song which came to me many years ago, at the early stage of my healing and reclaiming my creative gifts. At that time I was offering music classes for parents with babies and young children. I created this job when my children were still young, I enjoyed it very much and it was fitting into my role as a mother. To be honest, it allowed me to be spontaneous and in the present moment, like children are, and I feel that I was tapping into my own inner child, a little girl who wanted to sing and dance...

It is a joyous song with the chanting element of an easy to follow chorus, it has been always a perfect song at any gathering or my interactive concerts, so today I believe that it can ignite your inner child and a joy of being looked after by Lovely Mother Earth and Loving Father Sun!

Chant with me:

"We are the most loved children, we are the one most loved!"

And here are the lyrics to the verses:

Here is the Earth, our loving Mother

Here is the Sun, our loving Father

Here are the stars, our ancient family

Guarding us, we can really feel it

Here is the rain like a cleansing shower

Here is the wind, with supportive power

Here is the Moon, the ancestors daughter

Ruling the moods and the flowing waters...

We are the One with the Fire

We are the One with the Air

We are the One with the Water

We are the One with the Earth...

While starting today's blog I have doubts that my yesterday one had all the ingredients. The recording to Day 24 was available on my YouTube channel, but I didn't see it in the blog... Hm... I don't know how it could possibly happened, but if you missed yesterday video here is the link to it:

It has featured a beautiful mantra "Om Mata Kali" and the archetype of Eris in Astrology, you may find it quite though provoking!

Happy joyous Chanting and see you tomorrow at the Live Zoom!

Om Shanti,


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