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Day 22 - Powerful Beings - 40 Days Chanting for Healing and Transformation

Om Shanti,

Today I would like to share with you my personal story which led to writing a chant “Powerful Being” in 2011. As you know English is my second language. At school I was never good at it, it was a huge effort for me to improve during my University years and beyond. For years I felt inadequate and not good enough at it, especially when I moved to the UK and realised that it can take me a few more years to feel fully confident. I left Poland in 2000, and at the same year I wrote my last song in Polish. I had been writing songs for my band and my Polish audience during my University years and I really enjoyed doing it. Yet, something has changed, I lost my confidence, my motivation and my dream of singing, not really realising it at the time. In 2011, while being a mother to 3 small children, settled in the Uk for 5 years, I suddenly felt very low and lonely. My lost dream started to creep on me, making me angry that I abandoned it and hopeless that I lost my ability to write poetry and songs, it felt like I had lost it for ever. It has been a confusing time, with heave demands coming form my young family, lack of sleep at night, ect.

Friend of mine, a shaman lady, has offered me her help. During her session all started to make sense, I was asked to write a letter to my inside little girl asking her for her dream and invite her to play with me again. To my surprise, something has really shifted.

One day I just had an opportunity to have some time to myself, an hour or two. I went for a walk at the back of my house, across the fields. From my rhythmic stroll suddenly a melody emerged, a chant to accompany my walk turning it into a walking meditation. The lyrics were simple, easy and repetitive, putting me into a creative trance.

“I am a powerful woman who is walking on this Earth

I am a powerful woman who is walking on this Earth

Come with me, let’s dance together, come with me let’s sing this song

Come with me, let’s dance together, come with me let’s sing this song…”

After a word Powerful other words were contributing into the song:

I am a beautiful woman….

I am a creative woman

I am a loving woman

I am a joyous woman…

It was going on and on, each time giving me more confidence, more joy and more, well yes: power!

I felt empowered! The voice from the inside was signing this endless song, after 45 min I came back home completely rejuvenated, reborn and so, so happy!

As you can imagine, after this experience other songs, often simple chants or songs for children started to come to me. Eventually it lead me to a collection worth recording and my first album “Beauty and Power” was born, then published in 2015. For me this album is my healing album which starts with the simple chant “A powerful woman”

Later I started to share it at the festivals, gatherings and workshops, with women and men, so the song has become flexible, always tuning to the audience, or being created by workshops participants. I often share it as a chant called “Powerful Beings” – acknowledging the group consciousness which is beyond being male or female.

I hope you will enjoy it!

If you would like to listen to my album “Beauty and Power” you can order it from my shop along with my 2nd album “Love & light”.

Enjoy today’s chanting and be empowered in your beautiful being!

Om Shanti,


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