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Day 3 - Akal - 40 Days chanting for Healing and Transformation

Welcome to day 3 of our 40 days Chanting for personal and global healing and transformation.

Today I am sharing with you a new mantra “Akal” which helps at the time of the transition. Traditionally it is sung at the time of death. I created this chant a few years ago for the celebration of Samahin (All Hallows / Halloween/ All Saints Day) to call upon our ancestors who passed though this veil to another world.

on the 1st of November I shared on FB

"I am finding it fascinating that the UK lockdown has been announced on Samahin / Halloween. In the ancient Celtic tradition followed by many other traditions for centuries, it is the day to descend to the "Underworld" as nature is shutting down for the winter time. You may say it is a coincidence, I feel that it is a synchronicity not to be ignored. Stepping into the "underworld" in Jungan language requires courage, as we may see and discover some very uncomfortable places inside our Psyche, something what has been ignored for a long time. We may face our demons and face our own mortality. The peak of this darkness comes on the Winter Solstice, when the night is the longest just before the Light returns on the 25th of December. Yes, there is deep reason why so many traditions choose this day for the return or Birth of the Son of God on Earth. But before that happens... I feel that collectively we are asked to step into the underworld during this lockdown. Don't miss this opportunity, even though it feels very uncomfortable on many levels. Face the fear, the anger, the frustration, the judgment, the right and wrong, all of it. Have courage to pause, to reflect, to journal, to be alone. Out of this dark place comes the light. Out of this dark place Son of God, new you, new idea, new path may emerge."

I trust that with our practice we are tuning into the Darkness, into the death of the Ego, remembering that there is always a day after each night...

Om Shanti



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Event Photo cover by Jan Kasparec


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